About Us


Thank you for accessing the website of Eckerts Movers. We specialize in providing the best moving experience that you could hope for in your relocation efforts. Whether you’re looking for a residential or an office move, we’ve got your back. If you’re trying to check out some storage to take care of some extra stuff while you move your life to a different location, we’ve got you covered as well.

We’ve got a whole website that describes all of the services we offer; however, this page is dedicated to informing you about who we are and how we got started in the moving business.

Getting Started

Road Warriors

The two people who started this company, Suzanne and Ernesto, did not begin their adult lives with a career in the moving business in mind. However, their beginnings would come in handy in starting up a business that is bound for success.

Suzanne was working as a truck driver. She had a commercial drivers’ license and would carry almost anything in her truck across North America. This means that she knew each nook and cranny of every state in the US as well as provinces in Canada. Through having this experience, she was able to network and pull together a great team of drivers and trucks who would be able to do the actual transportation of people’s possessions.

Ernesto was a manager of a loading dock at a local paper mill. This means that he developed the skill of great logistics and moving of goods into a building.

These two met to form what might be the greatest affordable moving company in the world.